In search of a Father - The Tom Papania story

Tom Papania, an associate in the Gambino Mafia family since the age of 17, grew up with violence and crime as a way of life. He was on the path of sheer destruction.

One day he came face to face with his Creator. He then did the unthinkable ; he walked out on the Mafia. A contract on his life and multiple attempts to kill him could not stop him from being used to reach those caught in desperate circumstances, and, to truly set the captives free.

This is his story...

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PUBLISHER: God's Saving Grace
Library of Congress Control Number: 2008928236


Once in a while we come across a personal testimony that is ABSOLUTELY riveting...God will bless this message. It's one of those messages that ought to be heard.

Dr.James Dobson - Christian best-selling author and founder of Focus on the Family

A powerful, gripping story. A real-life True story. A story of the Grace and Love of God

Pat Robertson - CBN, The 700 Club

This book is courageous, telling, piercing and sensitive. Every bible-believing saint must have this book in his library.

ROBERT E. TAYLOR - Shiloh Trail, Inc. Washington, DC ,Law Enforcement Coordinator, International Security School.

This divinely inspired book will save lives, literally and spiritually. What a heck of a movie it will make. It is a God-filled message, that impacts all who hear it.

Professor Lew Hunter - Chairman, UCLA Filmschool Screenwriting, and Author (Screenwriting 434)

You must hear this ! This message is breathtaking in its context. People will be mesmerized by this story.

Mike Trout - Focus on the Family Radio co-host

Young people today need to hear this message, that may turn them away from a life of crime, and brings hope to the jailed.

Josette Pacino - Educator, and sister of actor Al Pacino

Tom Papania walked away from a life of Crime with the Mafia in New York never to return, his testimony now has profound impact on those who hear it.

Zoran Paunovich - Youth Ablaze Australia

Police Departments inform me that after hearing your testimony, there has been an incredible turn-around in teens from crime to taking life seriously and living balanced lives.

Pastor Robert Albano - City Wide Church, Australia

I hope people understand the truth of this message,the Biblical truth of what happened to Tom Papania.

Dr.James Dobson