Hello Saints,

Hurricane Irma has come and gone and did a lot of damage to Sarasota, Florida, where I live.
Thank God it hit us as a Hurricane level 2, instead of a level 4, which hit Key West and Miami.
A huge Oak fell on my house damaging the roof and ceiling in the garage and blocked me from getting out of the house.
Some neighbors came to my rescue with chain saws and pole saws and cleared the way for
my car to get out of the garage.Hurricane Irma hit Sarasota late Saturday evening.
I could hear the winds howling but I never heard the tree hit the house. I stayed up until 2 am so it must have fallen after that, when I was asleep.

My bedroom is in the back of the house so that is probably why I didn’t hear it.
On Sunday, the electricity went off causing no lights, no computer, no land line phone and being I have an electric stove,
no way to cook anything or even use the microwave. I felt like I was back in the dark ages ! Haha !

The electricity stayed off for a few days. And with the Florida heat and humidity and no air conditioning, it got rather rough.
For a short while, the water was shut off by the County, and that meant no shower or bath. I had a supply of bottled water, so all wasn’t lost.
Finally the electricity and water was turned back on and once again I thanked our Lord for these things I never considered as a blessing.
It's amazing how we take for granted the little every day things God provides.
I was not hurt during the Hurricane and no one in my immediate community was hurt either.
Isaiah 54:17
says "No weapon formed against me shall prosper."  That includes Hurricanes !!

I have never had to ask this before in any of my newsletters, but if I don't inform you, you won't know the need and how to pray for it or provide it.
I have lost quite a bit of monthly donations due to deaths, lay offs, and people who just can't afford it anymore.

We have a budget here for God's Saving Grace Ministries, which set up what we give out to the community, pay the ministry’s bills, and for office
supplies and equipment.

As of this writing, we can barely reach the budget each month. We need financial help and a financial miracle to continue on doing God's work.
I am not going to let the enemy take anything away from this ministry that God has provided for over 26 years.
I stand in faith wearing the full armor of God declaring the devil is a liar and has to leave this ministry’s finances alone, in Jesus Mighty name!!  
Amen & Amen.

Another needed area is prayer for my good friend Michael whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy and is
now taking chemo treatments.
Michael and Monique are a Godly couple and are young and have 3 beautiful children.
I am praying and fasting for her complete healing and recovery and ask you to join me in defeating the devil and his plans once more.
We are bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb, and satan is trespassing on God's private property, so we command him to leave in Jesus name.!!!
Devil, we are serving you your eviction notice, so leave right now in Jesus name. Amen
This time of year has a lot of Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve.
Please think of those who are less fortunate than we are and pray for them and if possible help meet their needs however you can.

God bless you all.

A fellow bond servant,
Tom Papania


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