Watch for Tom Papania's Book

Tom Papania's book is now available!
It took Tom Papania over 3 1/2 years to thoroughly research and put in print the story of his life.
Tom 's book goes into detail after detail to totally familarize the reader with his back ground and former lifestyle. Tom had wished he was given the time wherever he has spoken to go into these details, but people will only sit so long for any speaker. Tom Papanias book is right to the point and will almost make you feel as if you were there living it with him. Tom is going to make this book available to Prisons free of charge, as the Spirit directs and provides.
This will be an incrdible witnessing tool to give to the unchurched and non-believers alike. Tom gives all the glory and honor to God for making this book possible.



Tom Papania Evangelist

Tom Papania



Tom Papania's Testimony



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Tom Papania's Testimony

Wise guy... Good fellow... Mobster... Enforcer Mafiosa... Gangster

These are all names that at one time described Tom Papania from an abused New York street punk of 15 years of age until 1984.  Tom's main goal in life was to make Al Capone look like an amateur

Tom worked his way up in organized crime to a trusted position in the New York Gambino organized crime family.   Tom answered directly to the now deceased Paul Castellano.   Tom wielded fear, terror, and brutality to control the New York mob's expanding interests.   Bomb threats to contracts on Tom's life couldn't stop the hell bound course crime had put him on.

On a road to Damascus experience, Tom Papania surrendered his life to Christ.  Tom's past caught up with him and he was sent to the Atlanta federal penitentiary to await trial.   The trial was one of Atlanta's longest, lasting 11 months.  God used the maximum security cells of the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary to mold and develop Tom's new Christ-like character.

After almost a year, Tom was set free by the Grace of God.   Tom continued in his commitment to Christ and is now an ordained evangelist and executive director of God's Saving Grace Ministries.   Tom now goes back into the prisons with the power of the holy spirit, truly setting captives free.

FOX NEWS Featured TOM in a recent TV report.

Tom is a well known speaker and evangelist traveling the United States, Singapore,  Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other countries where God has been using Tom

Tom would be more than happy to share his testimony with your local church.  To arrange a speaking engagement with Tom, please use the Tom Papania Contact Page:

Contact Tom Papania

It will be a blessing for both your local church and Tom to see the lost come to the Lord.


 in a mighty way leading thousands to accept Jesus as their Savior.

testimonies of deliverance and healing have been reported following Tom Papania's ministering in the Holy Spirit.

Tom ministers to all denominations and is looking forward to sharing the power of Jesus Christ with you.

You may want to share Tom Papania's testimony, which is in Book form, CD and DVD here.

Tom Papania : God's Saving Grace Ministries
P.O. Box 542
Tallevast, FL 34270


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If you would like to share Tom's testimony, please feel free to contact Tom or go to:

Papania's Testimony