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What are the benefits of a partnership?  A partner  is an associate or sharer in the same venture. It is one who takes part in the venture of another.  When you become a partner in this ministry, you are joining forces with us and the Spirit of God to accomplish the mandate upon this ministry. As a partner of Tom Papania's God's Saving Grace Ministry you play a very significant role through prayers, words of encouragement, support, and giving to what God is doing through this ministry.  Invest in furthering the kingdom! That is what it is all about.  Partnering with God's Saving Grace Ministry will help Tom Papania keep the message that out there that Jesus is the answer and His grace is for everyone.

God provides for the ministry through our partners, through their prayers, words of encouragement, support, and their giving to what God is doing through the ministry.

You can become a vital part of this ministry by prayerfully and financially supporting Tom Papania's ministry so he can travel even more spreading the Good News.  By partnering with Tom Papania,  you will share in every soul that gets saved.

God is doing tremendous things through the ministry of God's Saving Grace Ministries and the testimony of Tom Papania (tm)(Visit here for some of the testimonials)


If you would like to have a vital part in this ministry, your donation will be greatly appreciated, and will be used to reach others with the Gospel message.


You can support the ministry by mailing to the address below, issuing a payment through PayPal, or purchasing testimony media.

If you would like to donate to the ministry with your credit card online, click on the PayPal Button below.  This is a secure Internet Connection. 

You may want to share Tom's powerful and anonted testimony, available on CD Audio, BOOK, or DVD  Click Here.

If you prefer to partner by mail, simply use the address here:

God's Saving Grace Ministries
P.O. Box 542
Tallevast, FL 34270

Thank you!


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